Chris Nicholson

Writer & Editor

Book Editor and Proofreader

I have been working on books since 2004, when I was asked to collate and edit a collection of humor columns for author J. Broad. I have since edited a book about John Lennon, a book about the 1980 Olympics boycott, a yet-to-be-published memoir, and a number of photo-based coffee-table books. I have a long-standing relationship with New Chapter Press, an imprint based in New York City, and have also worked with other publishers and independently for authors preparing or revising manuscripts.

As for my own writing, I have authored two how-to books on photography, and am scheduled to write a few more through 2017.

Due to the intensity and long-term commitment of working on a book, I accept this work on a basis of one project at a time. To inquire about availability, please contact me today.

Sample Projects

The Lennon Prophecy

The Young Explorer's Guide to Yellowstone, editor

I edited a children's guide to Yellowstone National Park, written by Kurt Repanshek, founder and editor-in-chief of My role involved editing, then proofing, all copy, and marching the publication through layout and final production.

The Lennon Prophecy, editor

I edited a book about John Lennon, including extensive research to fact-check and to find original, credible sources to back up the history presented in the text. This project involved many full days spent in various libraries. The book was covered by national press and radio, and climbed into Amazon's Top 500.

Boycott: Stolen Drams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games

Boycott: Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, copyeditor

I copyedited Boycott: Stolen Dreams of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games, a great book not just about the events surrounding the boycott, but also about the athletes who were affected. Eighteen would-be competitors are profiled, including interviews about the work and sacrifice of building an Olympics-worthy career, and how the lost opportunity to compete in 1980 altered their lives. Vice President Walter Mondale wrote the introduction.

Observations from a Broad

Observations from a Broad, editor

Collated and edited a collection of previously published humor columns for author J. Broad. In a series of anecdotal columns written over 13 years, the author points out the bizarre, celebrates the ironic and occasionally does it in rhyming couplets (and often in parentheses).

Photographing Tennis

Photographing Tennis, author

The pages of Photographing Tennis: A Guide for Photographers, Parents, Coaches & Fans offer a breakdown of everything the photographer needs to know before heading to court: how to choose the right gear, how to choose positions to shoot from, strategies for composing photos, techniques for timing, how to capture the ball and freeze motion, and more.

Photographing National Parks

Photographing National Parks, author

In Photographing National Parks: A Guide for Scouting and Shooting America's Most Cherished Lands, readers get an insight into the best practices for researching and executing a photography project in the parks. The book includes information about photography and ancillary gear, how to work in different types of extreme environments, and a breakdown of what each national park offers the photographer.

  • Book editing
  • Book proofreading
  • Ghost writing
  • Editorial consulting
  • Book-to-ebook conversion
  • Indexing