Chris Nicholson

Writer & Editor


I began my career working on the editorial side of magazines, starting a job with Golf Digest and the New York Times Magazine Group just one week after finishing college. I remained in that world full-time for a decade, one and a half with Golf Digest and nine with Tennis magazine. My initial roles were as a researcher, copyeditor and writer, and I advanced to senior editor before leaving to begin my full-time freelance business in 2004. Since then, despite growing into other markets, I have continued to regularly write for magazines.

Also, in the mid-1990s I was assigned to work with the magazine group's new-media team, helping to build and launch and before most magazines and newspapers had any web presence at all. I still do web editing and writing, and have worked with various content management systems, including WordPress, a proprietary system built by IBM for the US Open tennis tournament, and a CMS I built from a locally hosted object database to manage one of my websites.

I am interested in using my journalism and research skills to write about almost anything, but I also understand the value of honing a portfolio in specific genres. My areas of expertise and experience include:

  • Tennis
  • Sports
  • Photography (how-to and travel)
  • Product reviews
  • Humor
  • Men’s life and health
  • Collegiate academics, including business


My sports work has included continuing to write for tennis publications and websites, including Tennis magazine, Tennis Life, Racquet Sports Industry,, and others. I have also written for the US Open program and worked as an editor for

Photography How-to and Travel

A longtime photographer as well, I have added photography as one of my primary writing genres, including photography travel and instruction. In addition to writing articles for several photo websites, I have also authored two books, Photographing Tennis and Photographing National Parks. As a photography author, I have several times been invited to be a guest speaker in the event program at New York City-based B&H Photo, the world’s premier photography retailer and supplier.

Product Reviews

Ensuring that my early-career days of researching and aggregating product data weren’t wasted, I have maintained a stream of work as a product reviewer. Most of the labor required for reviewing products involves studying trends, organizing information, and communicating and building rapport with manufacturers and marketing firms. The writing is perhaps the quickest part of the process. Over the years, I have enjoyed working on product round-ups and reviews with publications as varied as Wired magazine and Racquet Sports Industry.

Other Topics

I’m confident enough in my journalism and research skills to write about almost any topic. But like any writer, I have sufficient experience, exposure,  background or close contacts in certain areas that give me a head start in covering them. They are listed at the right.

Follow this link to view my editorial bibliography and clips.

Areas of expertise, experience and familiarity, in reverse alphabetical order:

  • Travel
  • Tennis
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Publishing
  • Psychology
  • Photography
  • Parenting
  • New York City
  • New England
  • National Parks photography
  • National Parks
  • Music
  • Men’s Life and Health
  • Home Renovation
  • Golf
  • Efficiency
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Behavior
  • Baseball

Also, please have a look at Double Duty Dads, a blog I co-wrote and publish about being a work-from-home father.